Have we already asked Cambridgeshire council to copy from their maps?

Asking this since 1, OSM very much looks to have a notable presence in Cambridge itself including its historical significance to OSM and 2, I am very much new to OSM and have little confidence in my ability to broach & negotiate the idea of licencing the data under the ODbL compatible OGL license.

As shown in the link below their map has loads of details if you enable them in the layers drop down from individual street lighting, to public rights of way, to addresses [though I remember reading somewhere on their website that they have a possibly more accurate address map if you contact them] and Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) (if that last part is relevant to have on OSM)

All which is at least is mostly under Crown copyright 2022 & 2023 with maybe the exception of some of the toggleable data.


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