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I’m new here and don’t have much experience uploading data to OSM.
I would like to upload my mapped data via JOSM.

For a project I‘m mapping buildings of small villages in Congo in QGIS. The buildings are not yet mapped in OSM and should be uploaded. I have already successfully loaded the data as geojson in JOSM and made sure that the data is correct and compared it with the satellite image. Now I would like to upload the data.

As soon as I try to upload the data, a warning pops up strictly advising me not to upload the data. Unfortunately with no reasoning as to what I need to change to make the data acceptable. Theoretically I could upload the data, but I’m not sure how big of a problem it could become.

What can I do to make the data upload unproblematic?
Can I still upload the data?

I would also appreciate any general tips, thanks.

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