Help fixing OSM map in Sydney, Australia

Hi Team,

New to the world of OSM, but I recently bought a Tesla and I understand it uses OSM mapping.

Since driving I’ve noticed that for some reason a recently finalised highway turn off isn’t available, it doesn’t route in either direction through this particular turn off, even though it is the most optimal route. The road has been open now for maybe 2-3 months and so I suspect it just needs to be added per to allow traffic to flow to the connecting point.

Is there someone I can connect with to flag this? So it can be updated?

Any help appreciated. The road is the M8. Recently you can connect from the M5->M8->Rozelle Interchange exit, meaning there is a new exit from within the m8 that allows traffic to the Rozelle Interchange exit - this tunnel is also available in reverse path but also doesn’t route.

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