Highway=elevator with bicycle: Is the legal permission or physical transportability meant?

On the wikipage highway=elevator under the section “Tags to use in combination” the key bicycle is listed with the values yes / no. How exactly is this tag meant in the context of highway=elevator?
Under bicycle the legal restriction for cyclists are defined.

Is this combination meant to describe the legal permission of transportation in an elevator? If so, in how many elevators is the carriage of bicycles specifically permitted or prohibited by signage?

Or is this to express the physical transportability of bicycles? If yes, is bicycle=yes/no the right tag to express this, since according to wiki bicycle is always used to represent the legal situation?

See also the same post on the discussion page in the wiki: Talk:Tag:highway=elevator - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Addtional: The Key “aerialway” mentions the seperate Key aerialway:bicycle to specify if bicycles are allowed in carriages. Would the invention of elevator:bicycle be necessary here?

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