Highway=footway without foot=yes defeats Garmin on device walking/hiking autorouting

I’ve discovered and verified that highway=footway without a foot=yes tag prevents the Garmin autorouting algorithm from using such ways when the routing activity is set to “Hiking” or “Pedestrian Walking”. It seems Garmin does not honor the implication that “highway=footway” implies “foot=yes”. Therefore, it is not sufficient to just tag a foot path with highway=footway and expect to include these path in Garmin autoroutes.

I verified this autorouting issues by generating a two Garmin compatible maps (.img) using mkgmap version 4897 and testing on a Garmin GPSMAP 66s. I suspect a similar issue would likely to occur for cycling autorouting when “highway=cycleway” without a “bicycle=yes” tag.

This brings up the question to the community about how to fix this. Makers of Garmin compatible maps can workaround this issue by adding “highway=footway {set foot=yes}” to their mkgmap lines style file forcing all “highway=footway” to also have a “foot=yes” (and similarly, “highway=cycleway {set bicycle=yes}”.

Doing a bulk update adding foot=yes to every highway=footway in OSM is probably out of the question. Another fix could be a modification to mkgmap to automatically add “foot=yes” to footways. Has anyone else discovered this issue or have better suggestions?

UPDATE: This appears to be a map generation problem - not a tagging issue. See thread below.

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