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Since last year, @nitinatsangsit and I, have initiated quite a few revisions of the Thailand wiki to improve, besides other topics, the road classifications guidelines for both major/minor highways:


The initiative started mainly because Grab had their own conflicting classification, but it was also motivated by long-standing misconceptions and conflicts between mappers e.g.

  • tagging major highways based on their importance vs specific attributes (ref and others)
  • usage of service=alley vs path vs residential
  • living_street vs residential
  • footway vs path
  • track for unpaved surfaces only vs agricultural/forestry function
  • residential vs unclassified for thru-traffic

The current wiki definitions are far from perfect and will need further revisions, but at the same time, I also realized that some of you may not be aware of the latest changes.

So if you have any feedback, concerns, or questions regarding any major/minor road classifications documented in the wiki, please respond below. Thanks. Julien

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