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I’ve arrived in New Zealand last year and I’ve noticed that there’s been an amazing job done on the OSM ways that are linked to a path (foot or hiking), where each individual way has been correctly tagged (with the accurate name and other tags). Nevertheless most of them (take Waitakere Ranges for instance) are lacking a relation to link each of those individual ways together and make a hiking route.

Let’s take those 2 different examples:
1 - Omanawanui Track

are 2 ways related to Omanawanui Track, but not part of a relation that would be named Omanawanui Track and that would gather those 2 paths + all the other ones.

2 - Gibbons Track

This way covers the entire hike

In other words, I’d like to know what’s best practice for paths in NZ?
In my opinion:
For 1 - Omanawanui Track, a relation should be added to gather all ways related to this track.
For 2 - Gibbons Track, a relation should be added and gathers this unique way.

This relation is a good example:
it gathers multiple ways (path and steps) into a single relation that covers the entire hike. Most of the ways have been tagged with the name of the hike, but not the steps - but what’s important at the end is to have the relation.

What do you think ?

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