Hiking Routes & Role Values

In the process of adding some local hiking routes to OSM.

I’m having an issue, however, understanding the Role Values and how to properly apply them. If helpful, I’m attempting to map and tag 2 marked trails at Round Lake State Park in Idaho There are 2 hiking routes, Round Lake Stewardship Trail and Round Lake State Park Trapper’s Trail. Way 1093278224 is, in my understanding, a “connection” Role Value as it is a connecting way between the 2 Hiking Route Relations. Way link: Way: 1093278224 | OpenStreetMap

However, my issue in editing with iD, is that on this particular way, I cannot add the Role Value “connection” to it. If I start typing “connection” in the Hiking Route role box, “connection” does not exist. If I click the drop-down menu, “connection” is not there either. In fact, in the drop-down the only Role Value to choose is “alternative”… “excursion”, “approach”, and “connection” are all not in the drop-down.

Am I doing this incorrectly? Per Roles for recreational route relations - OpenStreetMap Wiki It appears that I should be able to apply a “connection” Role Value to a way, correct? (and that I should apply this Role Value to BOTH Hiking Route Relations).

Any assistance is appreciated.

EDIT: unfortunately new users can only have 2 links in posts, my apologies if unclear due to lack of links.

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