Historical WW2 features on Rottnest Island

There are lots of features on Rottnest Island (Western Australia) that do not actually exist on the ground. They’re mostly things dating from the Second World War. For example, there’s this group of buildings with names such as “D1 Type Sleeping Hut (1941)”.

I think most of this data has been added by Alistair_P, who seems like a great mapper with a great eye for detail, but who wants OSM to contain historical detail that’s perhaps not appropriate. I’ve reached out to them on a recent changeset and also on a previous changeset (which I can’t now find, sorry! It was related to this track).

Lots of this data is probably fine, and in many cases there are traces of buildings etc. left on the ground. But in many cases there definitely aren’t (for example, the former railway alignment that passes over the airstrip). I’ve deleted parts of this in the past, but the features have been added again.

I guess I’m just wondering how to handle this. It came up for me yesterday while I was walking with my mum, and we were led astray by 1941 tracks, and ended up having to bush-bash for a few hundred metres. :smile:

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