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recently a short call on the OSMLatam Telegram group:
Hola :smiley:. Pregunta ¿alguien conoce experiencias en el uso de OSM en acción humanitaria a nível local?

Hi :slight_smile: . Question. Anybody can point me to experiences in the use of OSM for humanitarian action, at local level?

the answers offered there pointed to the HOT TM instance, which is the obvious answer, but the question being “at local level”, I would suggest checking some of the local instances of the same Tasking Manager software, ran by OSM chapters.

please find (or possibly update) the complete list at this page on our wiki.

in the past, I’ve had some very positive experience with the Colombian instance, they were very quick at answering my call when I needed to organize some small mapping action in Panama. Unfortunately, it looks as if it’s off-line right now. I see that the Peruvian instance is quite up to date.

Maybe it would be good to add a field to that overview, to tell users about the on-boarding policy for each instance, formal vs. informal, welcoming vs. dedicated to national c.q. regional users.

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