HOT Tasking Manager: Monthly update blog - February, 2023

Thanks for contributing to the #TurkeySyriaEarthquake response!

There have been 2,061,320 edits as per the Missing Maps leaderboard for the tag #TürkiyeEQ060223 at the moment this blog has been published. Thanks to everyone who has supported this mapping campaign in response to Turkey-Syria Earthquake. There is also this video where a Turkish doctor thanked all the mappers and shared how he got to people needing medical care immediately after the quake.

To know more about the campaign and how you can contribute, please visit this wiki. Also, to know how each of your contribution matter in a disaster situation like this through mapping, here is an interesting OSM diary by Pete Masters.

And now, Let’s see the development work that has happened in the Tasking Manager in February. Also, find our previous blog here.

:loudspeaker: So, what happened in February?

It’s the third month that we have been focusing mainly on writing test cases and updating dependencies as these are integral to system maintenance and performance improvement. However, we also want to make sure that every month we add some value to our community with new enhancements or bug fixes. So, here are a few of the new updates that can be interesting to you:

Since the introduction of the WYSIWYG editor in Tasking Manager, our mapping community has enjoyed using it. However, the editor has not been made available in every area. So taking that into account, this month we worked on adding a markdown editor to the various sections of the project edit page.

The same has been implemented in the section where you can message all the contributors.

To view your notifications on the Tasking manager, you click the bell icon. However, the unread notification count doesn’t update even if you mark a notification as read. This bug has been fixed and can be tested on the staging site before deployment. Also, the 10 new will be seen as 10 unread notifications as the unread text is more relevant in the context here.

And lastly, below are some other updates whose details can be found in the respective links:

  1. [BUG] OSI Approved icon broken on about page #5594
  2. [BUG] Error while going back to locked task on another project from popup. #5577
  3. [BUG] Rapid is not behaving correctly after sidepanel collapse #5564
  4. [BUG] My team filter on manage teams returns all teams for sysadmin #5560

Give us :+1: if you enjoy the new updates.

What else happened beyond updates?

We started a GitHub discussion about improving the notification module in Tasking Manager since it has become a priority in our roadmap. Our goal is to provide users with better control over their notifications by delivering clear, actionable messages. So, we discussed the same in our first tech collective meetup of 2023. Please find more info here and feel free to leave your inputs on the same.

Wanna be a part of the Tasking Manager community?

• Join Slack: #tasking-manager or Matrix: here

• Visit Tasking Manager Github here to

  • See the progress of a particular month on the GitHub board
  • Request a bug fix or feature enhancement
  • Help us prioritize issues, and feature requests

Upcoming events

  • Deployment has been halted wrt to the ongoing mapping activities
  • Monthly collective meetup on Wednesday, 8th March at 9:00 UTC or 15:00 UTC.

Hoping to see you at the meetup. And thank you all for being a part of Tasking Manager. Will see you in next month’s updates. Until then, keep mapping for people in need.

Namaste :pray:

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