HOT Tech and Innovation Space: join us on the 13th of December!

Dear OSM community members,

We would like to invite you to this open tech and innovation session: a space for anyone who has ideas or are interested in geospatial tech for human(itarian)impact!

How do we best amplify your small, bold or grand ideas? And how might we collaborate on tech and/or innovation for human(itarian) impact in 2023?

Come speak to us Tuesday next week? Two options:

Tuesday 13 December - 10:00 UTC -

Tuesday 13 December - 18:00 UTC -

Your inputs and ideas will form the future of tech and innovation in HOT, and how it will look like in 2023! If you are eager to get started already, join the #geospatial-tech-and-innovation Slack channel or add your ideas to this jamboard:

We hope to see you next week! If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this thread.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Synne Olsen & Petya Kangalova

Global Technology & Innovation team

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)

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