HOT unSummit mid-programme report - what do you think?

Instead of hosting our annual HOT Summit conference this year, HOT is investing time and resources in supporting global, regional, and local conferences and community events around the world with the aim to bring humanitarian open mapping / OSM to thousands of new people. We have called this the “HOT unSummit” programme.

We have just published a report on progress and lessons learnt at the mid-point of the programme (also available in Spanish and French) and I want to share it here in case OSM community members have questions, comments or suggestions…

The programme has so far included collaborations with event organisers on seven different conferences and events in six countries with seven or eight still to come in 2022 and early 2023 (including State of the Map Asia / Pista Ng Mapa which is happening right now in the Philippines - follow coverage from the Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific here).

In December, we will be looking at if / how we continue this programme and your thoughts and perspectives would be really welcome…

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