How and where to send information about a dangerous path suggested by OSM?

Hello everybody!

A I am new here: How and where can I notify someone about a dangerous route?

Background: I use the Bosch Flow app, which uses OSM, with my e-bike. One can tell it to use a “daily” route (as fast as possible, i.e. to work and back), “leisure” (nice bike ways) and offroad (named “Stock & Stein” in German). Usually, I use the offroad settings because I love do bike through the forests here, where there are perfectly safe ways. Otherwise, the bike would lead me straight to the larger streets with special bike ways beneath, but I want to stay in the forest.

This worked quite fine for 1900 km driven. Three weeks ago, however, the bike insisted I should follow a way named “Eselspfad”. This goes kind of steeply downwards, but perfectly safe at first, because it is a quite fine forest ground, safely to drive down in a slow way. However, 20 m further, the way turns into a very steep one, which you cannot see from above, and, worse, that way has “stairs” with 10 - 20 cm step height. Maybe a very experienced mountain biker may manage this, but even my co-worker, which is a mountain biker, said, he would not go down this way using his mountain bike.

To make the long story short: When you arrive at that very steep part (which you do not see in advance), it is too late. I could not stop and things ended as they had to end: I went over the bike, landed on the forest ground, and the bike on me. Nothing broken (what surprised me), but seriously injured for weeks to go. And: 10 m further down the way, the steps would be 30 - 40 cm high, and you would land on a street instead on (relatively soft) forest ground.

I vote for either no longer offering this path for any bike, or at least flag it to be (very) dangerous. I have tracked the path and can provide the GPS coordinates. But how and where to contact someone?

Best regards, and a warm Thank You for all the work which has been put into OSM,
Stefan Falk

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