How are trolley bays tagged?

My question is in the title. If I map an amenity=trolley_bay that looks like the picture in the wiki page, should I add building=* to this area? If yes, what value?

As of now I can find amenity=trolley_bay (9719x) with

  • no building=* (8169x)
  • building=roof (668x)
  • building=yes (510x)
  • building=shed (273x)
  • building=shelter (73x)
  • other building=* (26x)
  • covered=yes (1554x)
  • covered=no (84x)

Alternatively there is

  • amenity=shelter + shelter_type=shopping_cart (deprecated, 416x)

The only discussion I was able to find is this nearly 10 years old German discussion that does not seem to be up to date:

9 posts - 3 participants

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