How can I ask to OSM to render fully all of my GPS traces?

I’m being a GPS tracer since 22/03/2024. But the problem is some of my traces don’t rendered fully in different zoom levels (it could take in 1-2 days or even a week). What should I do? Or it is really like this? I see someone’s GPS traces uploaded about a hour ago and his GPS traces fully rendered at different zoom levels. Who not I? And yeah, GPS tracing is my dream and my favorite hobby ALL OF TIME! Everywhere I going to somewhere, I always opened Geo Tracker (app in android) to record track of myself. No matter where. Shopping malls, parks, groceries or even if I have a seriously injured and taken to ambulance van, I would ask the nurse to find my phone so I can record my GPS trace. Oh yeah, the emergency thing never happened to me yet lol. And i also recorded my tracks from house to everywhere i go. I don’t mind someone know my address. Yet they don’t even know my face lol. That’s all. And sorry for bad english. I am Malaysian. I speak Malay everyday. Not English. I hope you all understand. Thank you!

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