How can I create a way with exact [x] meters in JOSM?

Short version of what I want:

  • Create a way with precisely x meters.
  • Snap to full meters when drawing a way.

Long version:

Hello, I already searched on the forum and on other places but did not find an answer to my question. Maybe I used the wrong key words for my search.

I was wondering if there is a plugin or a build in function in JOSM to easily create a way with a specific length. Eg. 5 meters.

I know that I can check the length of the way I’m drawing in the measurement bar at the bottom in the field The length of the new way segment being drawn. But this is not very precise and a slow process as you have to do it in a free hand way and need to zoom in quite a lot to get the specific 5 m and not 5.04 meters.
So is there a way of starting to draw the way and inputting the desired length with the keyboard or turning on a snapping mode where ways get created only at rounded up meters?

Thanks for your help!

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