How can I edit a point with complex opening hours?

This is my first post so sorry if I break some rules.

I tried to add complex opening hours on a Park in Paris Georges-Brassens Park - Wikidata
The parc opens all year at the same hours (working days 8:00, weekend and French PH 9:00) but the closing hour changes all the time, as they try to more or less match sunset.
The closing hour changes when we switch between Summer and Winter time. I could not find a keywork for that so I used the next dates for the switch (I would have to update that after a year).
Also, the closing hour changes on the last day of February… I could not find a keyword for that, so I entered “Feb 29” (I would have to change that too).

In total, I came up with that string:
Oct 01-Oct 28: Mo-Fr 08:00-19:30; Oct 01-Oct 28: Sa,Su,PH 09:00-19:30 ; Oct 29-Feb 29: Mo-Fr 08:00-17:45; Oct 29-Feb 29: Sa,Su,PH 09:00-17:45 ;
Mar 01-Mar 23: Mo-Fr 08:00-19:00; Mar 01-Mar 23: Sa,Su,PH 09:00-19:00 ;
Mar 24-Apr 30: Mo-Fr 08:00-20:30; Mar 24-Apr 30: Sa,Su,PH 09:00-20:30 ;
May 01-Aug 31: Mo-Fr 08:00-21:30; May 01-Aug 31: Sa,Su,PH 09:00-21:30 ;
Sep 01-Sep 30: Mo-Fr 08:00-20:30; Sep 01-Sep 30: Sa,Su,PH 09:00-20:30

And the edit text box truncates this string as it is longer than 255 characters.
Any solution? As a temporary fix, I will just enter the current opening hours.

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