How can I find POIs using overpass in a city, starting from latitude and longitude?

I’m trying to develop an application that finds POIs of a city like museums, user input is country name and city name, this get translated to latitude and longitude using nominatim service, I would like to write a query for overpass that starting from those cohordinates lists me all pois inside the city.
ieg: users enter England, London and gets a list of museums in London city boundaries. I choosed to use both country and city names for locating the starting point to avoid city duplication.
Is it possible to do so?

I’m doing some exeperiments using overpass-turbo to try to find the right query before putting in my software, anyway I still haven’t found something that gives me results I would like and in a reasonable time.

This is my current overpass query:

area(area.a)[boundary=administrative] ->.fi;

I accept any kind of suggestion.

best regards,

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