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How can we best add provence and champagne?

Hey, I’ve seen that neither provence nor champagne is mapped. What’s the best way to add them to the map?

These are not legal administrative boundaries, but their contours are unclear. That is why they are not mapped


regarding Champagne : it has several meanings.

  • It was in the past a French region, back from before the Middle age.

  • Today, it is a non-contiguous area composed of dozens of geographical areas defined by law (the « AOC » some kind of controlled commercial naming) and scattered across 17 territories.

In all cases, it cannot be mapped as a single area in OSM.

Regarding the Provence:

  • it used to be an administrative region of France, but it administratively disappeared. Its administrative compoments are now part of a much bigger administrative region named « Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur ».
  • today it is a vague area specifically for nostalgia or history, but does not have a definite existence regarding geographical limits.

@gendy54 thx. A region doesn’t need to be legally official in order to be mapped in osm. Neither need the boundaries to be defined. See wosm Tag:place%3Dregion

@Xandrex thanks! But aren’t both regions kind of well known, even though there is today no legal framework for it and there are definite areas which you would include in those regions? With place=region, you do not need specific boundaries but broad boundaries would be fine, I guess. I think it’s just strange that there are well known regions that aren’t mapped.

I am not sure I understand the argument that it cannot be mapped as a single area since multipolygons exist in case it’s scattered around France