How different a map looks with the all too often missing landcover, at least here

Just the autostrada junction at Assergi, on the OSM map since 2009.
The Before… a smidgen of green done last week

The After… almost done.

This took about 15 minutes using JOSM feats such as Shift+P to create perfect parallel lines for the grass edges to the motorway links and then lots of trace (or Follow since it’s the F key that does this at a 1000 nodes a minute), push F and hold to draw the guard rails where present. All simple polygons, not the silly cutting and more cutting into multipolygon relations and since this is a main road, policy dictates no landcover parcel is allowed to straddle across to do it in 10 minutes instead.

We need lots more landscape mappers, and maintainers, those road hardly move.


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