How do I ask the renderer to render certain objects (like house numbers)?


I am trying to get house numbers to show up on the map in an area. The area is the »Evangelisches Johannesstift«. The entire area has just one main house number, 26, but all the houses have sort of sub house numbers. This ends up being pretty confusing, and we often get people asking for where to find certain numbers.

I think it would be pretty great if the house numbers would be visible on the map, as currently mainly only the names are visible. I got the number of one entrance to a building to appear, but only on exactly one zoom level, if you zoom in our out it disappears, and another entrance doesn’t show up at all. On a different renderer, CyclOSM, the house numbers both show up and on multiple zoom levels.

Thus I wonder if there is a way to ask the renderer (in this case the standard OSM tiles) to try to make the house numbers show up on the map.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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