How do we link apartment buildings to apartment complex

I added an apartment building here - Way: ‪O Block‬ (‪409515867‬) | OpenStreetMap
It is part of the apartment complex - “Jaipuria Sunrise Greens” in the town “Zirakpur”

Since apartment building can have multiple houses, I have added comma separated values in addr:flats.

Now, when I search the following I get no results found -
O block jaipuria sunrise greens, zirakpur
O 001 jaipuria sunrise greens, zirakpur

But, if i search “O block zirakpur”, I get the result

Similarly when i searched it in nominatim, I expected that there would be a relation to the apartment complex, but it isn’t there.

I am new to osm, so maybe I haven’t mapped it correctly or there is some lack of understanding on my part.

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