How do you tag a kindergarten with after school child care?

I would like to tag a kindergarden that shares the same building (except for the level) and outdoor area, as well as being operated by the same institution. I’ve thought about multiple things, since currently only the website for the place and phone number is linked and I’d like to add more detailed tags:

  • Remove the area surrounding the entire Kindergarten grounds and add both back to the building as seperate Nodes (would lose some information about what belongs to the kindergarten
    • Have them start with the same common name only differentiating by its use
    • Tag the outdoor as a private or for customer playground
  • Put the area in a site relation and add both things back as seperate levels as amenity=kindergarten with their differentiating Tags
    • Put the seperate tags vor min_age and max_age with the ages given or a comment explaining its only for Children in the elementary school

The site solution seems the best to me but it does not seem like a common use for site. What are your thoughts on this. I recently had something similar with a fuel station operating multiple amenities so I put the name in front of the amenity use and tagged the operator. Maybe I should’ve only tagged the main building/the area and left the individual amenities nameless but I don’t really know whats Ideal for these Situations. This is actually really annoying to figure out so thanks for your help <3

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