How do YouthMappers teachOSM?

recently the Panamanian YouthMappers chapter YMUP started an organized edit hosted on I commented to the Chapter president, inviting her to provide the help needed by her Chapter members, and I offered some help to one of their new mappers.

Then I contacted Adele Birkenes, the mapper who opened the project, who wrote to me that they have validation procedures in place, if I may quote her literally: “Tenemos un proceso de validación para capturar estos errores y proveer notas con correcciones a los estudiantes para que puedan aprender” (We have a validation process to capture these errors and provide notes with corrections to students so they can learn).

I’m now writing here in public, to invite someone from YouthMappers to tell us, not just me in a private message, how these processes work.

(if it hadn’t been for the president of YouthMappers Patricia Solís to be acclaimed mapper of the month by OSM België, I would probably not have started this thread… )

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