How many shop types are needed - or shop=firewood vs shop=fuel fuel=wood

and shop=socks vs shop=clothes clothes=socks

We have at least 226 documented shop values, and many, many, many more in use but not (yet) documented.

But maybe some of them are avoidable? I think that in general it is a good advise to use subtags for specialized shops.

Do we really need shop=firewood and shop=charcoal? Maybe shop=fuel with fuel subtags would be clearly better. Especially as there is huge variety of things that can be burned - we do not need to have shop=coal shop=natural_gas and so so on.

See Tag:shop=fuel - OpenStreetMap Wiki

And for example shop selling socks and only socks can be tagged as shop=socks - or maybe better as shop=clothes clothes=socks

This is much friendlier to data consumers who can both:

  • handle shop=clothes clothes=socks with some special support like dedicated icon or description
  • handle shop=clothes in general

Going further - there are uses of shop=construction_materials, shop=building_supplies, shop=farm_equipment, shop=agricultural_engines, shop=garden_machinery, shop=restaurant_supplies, shop=farm_implement, shop=farm_supply

Maybe that would be better working as subtags of shop=trade ? See Tag:shop=trade - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Having separate shop value for every single specific shop selling some kind of specialist equipment seems to not be a great idea for me, especially if we intended to have this data being used. Expecting data consumers to handle new shop values that keep appearing all the time will not work well.

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