How shop with prepared meals can be tagged?

Recently in my area new type of shop started to appear (probably caused by people getting richer, busier, and living in smaller families).

It is selling prepared food that is almost ready to eat.

But it is not ready to eat - requires heating/boiling/baking and typically some simple ingredients like rice/potatoes/kasha would be cooked and added to it. So it is not amenity=fast_food or amenity=restaurant ( Tag:amenity=fast_food - OpenStreetMap Wiki Tag:amenity=restaurant - OpenStreetMap Wiki )

It is not frozen food, so no shop=frozen_food ( Tag:shop=frozen_food - OpenStreetMap Wiki )

shop=food is extremely generic ( Tag:shop=food - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) .
(EDIT: but maybe shop=food + food=prepared_meals would work well?)

shop=deli ( Tag:shop=deli - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) seems about raw expensive ingredients, not about prepared and relatively cheap meals.

No shop=supermarket - it is not a section of a larger shop, it is a standalone shop.

What about shop=prepared_meals ?

(though technically shop selling canned soup would also qualify in such case…)

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