How should I map the wheelchair accessibility of a railway station where not all platforms are step-free?

It’s logical to me that a railway station is considered “acessible” if all platforms are step-free accessable. However, how should I map it when only some platforms are step free and others aren’t?
The Wiki hasn’t got enough information to deduce a decision by me because the example given is bus specific and doesn’t really cover railways too much.

Marking them partial makes sense because you can enter the station and board some trains with a wheelchair but not all. However, no is also valid because, if you treat the station as a building and the platforms as individual rooms then the station is not wheelchair-accessible because you can’t enter all of the most important “rooms” with a wheelchair.

#3175310453 is an example of a station where — as of today — only one platform can be accessed step free and the other one only by steps.

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