How should non-OSM projects advertise themselves here?

There are many projects around the OSM ecosystem that use OSM data to achieve their goals - this might be commercial companies using OSM data as part of their business model, and it includes the many humanitarian organisations using OSM too. This of course isn’t a problem - OSM data is designed to be used.

However, sometimes lines can be blurred when a project is described (here, on the OSM wiki, or elsewhere) without making clear who or what is behind it. The processes around these sorts of projects are covered by - there’s a clear set of steps that projects should follow, and the first bullet point in the documentation list there is to describe “the coordinating person or organisation”.

Occasionally these commercial and other organisations will want to talk about their projects here, for example Obviously that makes sense (it wouldn’t be much of a project without contributors) but should there be a clarification that in cases like this there should be a clarification about which organisation is involved (in this case it appears to be and what their goal is - perhaps with a link to the appropriate entry?

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