How should this rural pedestrian road be tagged?

There is a local paved road, a ~6mi/10km scenic drive along a mountain ridge, that used to be open to cars but has only been open to pedestrians and cyclists for decades now. It was tagged as highway=pedestrian, which I thought to be correct, but someone recently changed it to highway=unclassified, saying that highway=pedestrian should be used for more typical urban pedestrian roads.

The wiki on one hand says that it does typically describe urban pedestrian roads…but that makes sense because rural pedestrian roads are relatively uncommon. Unclassified doesn’t seem quite right either because its wiki page says it should only be used on public roads open to cars, and instead suggests service…but it isn’t really a service road either. I mean, there is a communications mast near the start of it, but the road really was built originally as a scenic drive.

So, is highway=pedestrian acceptable?

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