How Should We Celebrate OSM's 20th Birthday?

I’m writing this in my capacity as a member of the CWG:

As most of you know, August 9, 2024 is the 20th anniversary of OpenStreetMap, and many of us are thinking a version of the same question: How will we celebrate? We know there will be cakes and meet-ups, but this seems like an important anniversary that might call for a bigger celebration.

Some of the initial ideas that we have heard mentioned include:

  • SotM WG is planning is to mention the 20th during the conference, and have it as some sort of motto
  • MWG and the Board plans to grow and diversify OSMF membership through a membership drive
  • In 2021, LCCWG hosted 17hour global mapathon to celebrate OSM17 Foundation/Local Chapters/OSM 17-hour Global Mapathon - OpenStreetMap Wiki
  • Several mappy local community meetups and mapping parties to celebrate OSM birthday like previous years

We are sure there are other ideas, too, which is why we thought we could use this thread to bring them into one conversations:

Then, from there, we can identify the most common/popular ideas and themes, as well as discover who might be interested in joining a 20th birthday party planning committee.

So, what do you think? How should we celebrate the 20th year of OpenStreetMap? What plans do you already have? What would you like to see happen? What is the best way to organize and coordinate?

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