How to add building without satellite images?

How can I add a building to OSM without the assistance of satellite images?

There’s logs of great tutorials on the Internet that show how to add a building to OSM by tracing its outline from satellite images on – but how can I do it without satellite images?

In my case, the satellite images are useless because they’re blurry or there’s a giant cloud in the atmosphere that’s obstructing the view of the ground.

Is there some way for me to, with a GPS-enabled smartphone, literally walk to each corner of the building and tap an “add node” button until I’ve returned to the first node? And then use the corresponding node’s bounded area as the building?

Or is there some way for me to fly a drone on a clear day to take a photo – then somehow overlay that on-top of the OSM data and use that photo (instead of the satellite image) to add draw areas around buildings?

What options do I have to add a building to OSM without satellite imagery?

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