How to add etymology information for people without Wikipedia entry

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I recently got interested in adding *:etymology=* to all streets in my quarter. However, not all of them are named after famous people, a lot are named after regional people, like the ex-chairman of a local sports club, a former local mayor or sometimes even an old regional word. Usually, I would add a name:etymology:wikidata=* pointing to the entry that describes the person/feature, but what to do if they don’t have any? These, to me, are the most interesting ones, because hardly anyone young will “remember” the mayor of 1954 of a former city which is now a suburb.
The name:etymology=* clearly states that it “[…]is intended for a name or sometimes a word, but not a full etymology tracing the evolution of that word, as one would find in a dictionary.”, so I should not add something like name:etymology=Johann Piltz, former chairman of the SG Misburg or name:etymology=List, old North German term for a settlement on the edge of a forest

What I started doing was name:etymology:description=Longtime chairman of the SG Misburg, but I wonder if there is something better for this.

In short: what is the correct tag to add etymology description to a name?

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