How to best tag time conditional parking fees?


I’m trying to tag a parking area with accurate information about fees that only apply at certain times. I would like the solution to:

  • Have fee=yes (that seems like the safe solution, so that consumers not supporting fee:conditional will not erroneously belive parking is free always)
  • For maintainability, have specification of time windows in fee:conditional match whats on the signs, namely the hours with fee.

Some possible solution I can think of are listed below, but none appear ideal to me.


  • Anyone with better ideas or suggestions for improvement?
  • Why doesn’t solution B) work?
  • Does the operator in D) exist already?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Solution A) Accept unsafe fee=no

fee:conditional=yes @ (Mo-Fr 09:00-15:00)

(-) Doesnt have the safe fee=yes
(+) Nicely readable fee:conditional, matching the signs.
(+) Probably correct (at least Parking Lanes understands, see this example)

Solution B) Introduce explicit default in fee:conditional (doesn’t work?)

fee:conditional=no @ 24/7; yes @ (Mo-Fr 09:00-15:00)

(+) Has the safe fee=yes
(+) Fairly readable fee:conditional, matching the signs.
(-) Maybe incorrect? At least isn’t correctly understood by Parking Lanes, see this example that is shown as free (i.e. green) also when time is within fee window.

Solution C (Manual complement)

Manually specify the complement of the time windows… Seems ugly, error prone, hard to generalize, but something like:

fee:conditional=no @ (Su-Sa; Mo-Fr 00:00-09:00; Mo-Fr 15:00-00:00)

(+) Has safe fee=yes
(-) Has hard to maintain conditional specification, that does not match sign.
(+) Works (if you get it right)

Solution D (Hypothetical complement operator)

Use a complement operator (does it exist already?), for example “~”:

fee:conditional=no @ ~(Mo-Fr 09:00-15:00)

(+) Has safe fee=yes
(+) Allows specification of time windows as signed
(small -) Has double negative in conditional

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