How to create a form of opening hours inheritance between POI?

Consider the following cases:

  1. A large food court. Opening hours are set.
    Inside the food court, many small booths selling food. Each has a name, a type of cuisine… but the opening hours of every booth matches the one of the main amenity.
    If the food court changes its opening hours one day, every booth will change its opening hours accordingly.

  2. A service road across the car park of a supermarket.
    Permissive access here for anyone passing by… only during the opening hours of the supermarket (gates are closed outside those hours).

In both cases, we will commonly copy the opening hours from an object to another and that will be fine.

The problem is: If the opening hours of the main object change, how will we ensure that mappers do not forget to update other objects? Such things are too easy to overlook, that will quickly produce incoherent data.

Could there be a way to tag opening hours on an object to say “linked to node XXXXX”? e.g. through a relation. That way, opening hours will be written only once and changes would automatically reflect on any other object that needs them.
Or are we complicating things too much here?

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