How to deal with a "low quality" armchair mapper?

First off: I don’t want to expose them or flame; this was the most accurate title I could think of.

While browsing through OSMCha, I have encountered a new mapper (registered ~3 months ago); they map mostly in less-mapped areas with lots of scattered buildings and low-res imagery. They seem to use the standard iD+Bing combo.

The mapping quality isn’t really up to OSM standards:

  • Building outlines are drawn very roughly (not rectangular, areas oftentimes twice as large, not aligned with the imagery, …)
  • Fantasy buildings are drawn (due to bad imagery?)
  • Real buildings are not mappped

So far, so okay. We all were newbies once and this happens. I have reached out to them via CS comments and shared some tips.

The problem:

Even though the user was created 3 months ago, they already have approx. 1000 edits with many new buildings created per edit (sometimes 100, sometimes 999). :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Depending on their answer, they might change their future mapping behaviour. I do believe that they are motivated and willing to learn (every CS tagged review_requested).

But what about the past edits? They are quite problematic. Should they be all reverted? But that might be very demotivating for them. Manual inspection is far too tedious though. I can’t (don’t want to) review 1k changes.

What to do now?

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