How to deal with "Lone Ranger Mappers"?

In recent years, I’ve come across a type of mapper that I could use some advice on how to handle.

I call them “Lone Ranger Mappers” - enthusiastic beginners who make lots of changes in a short time, sometimes all over the world. However, they don’t seem to respond to communication attempts from other mappers and may not always follow established mapping practices.

While their edits may not be intentionally harmful, their lack of communication can lead to potential issues like lack of coordination, duplication of efforts, and inconsistencies in mapping.

They often pause contributing after receiving a few comments, but it seems they’re not interested in engaging with the community at all. I’ve always wondered if it’s a language barrier or if they believe they have the right to make edits on their own.

If any of you have encountered similar situations, I’m curious to know what strategies or approaches you’ve found effective in engaging with “Lone Ranger Mappers” and promoting community participation in mapping activities.

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