How to deal with routes that consist (mostly or entirely) of a mix of existing paths/ways in OSM

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I noticed something similar on Gaia GPS (which is a US centric product that incorporates OSM as well as other sources) near Moab UT. While there aren’t any nodes in OSM, they have pulled in some “overloading” information recently from other sources and I assume that this is where the following set of “route nodes” comes from:

This is similar to the “pathless routes” in that it could (potentially) be solved via a set of related nodes, but distinct enough to be it’s own issue for discussion.

While on the Gaia GPS example above the markers are just put down on set distances, I could see some way of working this into guideposts. Another option would be to add multiple routes onto a way that would get displayed similar to highway numbers, though this would get unwieldy with long written names very quickly.

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