How to define addresses so that they are accurate but without being redundant?

Hi, I am fairly new to map edits and I have searched quite a bit on the matter but did not find a definite guideline.

I am wondering how to define addresses so that they are accurate and useful to users but without falling into redundancies. Here are some examples:

Building with multiple addresses and parking garage:
The way I edited these so far (just a couple of buildings) are by adding the address to the building object with the numbers separated by commas. On top of that, point addresses where the doors are (useful for mail or delivery platforms) and, on top of that, also define the address and numbers for the entrance(s) of the parking garage (for residents that want to be navigated to the garage entrance when driving and not to the door). I am wondering if I am doing this correctly or if all this is too redundant and might cause more problems than bring solutions.

Building with one address:
So far, I only introduced the address in the building object but I wonder if defining where the entrance to the building is on top of that would be useful for some users. Also, if yes, would you use the “Address” class or the “Entrance/Exit” to define the point where the door is?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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