How to document tagging mistakes on wiki (undocumented duplicated tags)?

For example I’ve stumbled upon undocumented camp=* tag, which seems to be created mostly in in one huge import; while there exists more organically-grown and documented camping=*, which is probably the tag users might want to use.

Thus, I’ve added {{PossibleSynonym2|camp}} on camping=* wiki, and that part works OK.

I’m not however sure how to document (previously undocumented) Key:camp so people could be pointed to correct place if they happen upon it (e.g. via taginfo wiki section or elsehow). I’ve added {{Deprecated}} template to it, but I’m wondering is that is the best way to handle it?

I’ve also found Tagging Mistakes - OpenStreetMap Wiki but I’m not quite sure how I should use it (or if I even should?)

Any other wiki editors with a suggestion? Pointers to docs? Thanks!

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