How to find out which POIs have not been edited for a certain timeframe?

Hello everyone,
for the last few days I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get a geojson file that includes the POIs that have not been edited for more than 2 years.
I need this to create a maproulette challenge.

So far I’ve played around with the overpass API but seemingly cant find a way to output this kind of information - maybe I am missing something?
I have also tried:

  • to use an internal geofabrik export and load it into QGIS but my limited RAM doesnt help and I have never managed to load the .osm / .osm.pbf file even with an increased swap.
  • I have tried my luck with ChatGPT generated Overpass + python code but the result is as good as one wold expect (useless)

Last Idea was to use overpass to get a current data export of the POIs from now and one from 2 years ago and then use some computer magic to compare and filter for things that havent changed. However, I dont know if this is feasible and its definitely beyond my capabilities.

I feel like I might just be overlooking a simpler solution but can’t seem to find it.
So I hope someone in this community has already found a solution to this problem and is willing to share it


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