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I perform some volunteer work in Bluefields, Nicaragua. We use MAPS.ME extensively in this work and use OpenStreetMap to edit the local area as we in the location and can see that it wasn’t accurate. I went to make a minor adjustment today in OpenStreetMap and noticed over the last few weeks a number of edits (hundreds) have been made to the maps and every single edit I have seen is wrong. The edits seem to be the drawing of roads and paths that don’t exist. They are clearly made by someone not here. To leave these edits in place take us back to square one in our mapping work - what can help me? The only way I can easily see what is wrong is by comparing by MAPS.ME map with the OpenStreetMap one because it hasn’t updated yet. How can we remove all these changes? Sorry, I am not very familiar with OpenStreetMap, I have only made simple changes over the last few years. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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