How to handle different cycleway:right values on same road segment (forward vs backward)?

Hi there!

So I’m looking at the OSM data for where I live (Los Angeles County, United States), and I’m finding lots of opportunities to improve the metadata about lanes of travel / turn lanes / cycleways. One thing I’m trying to figure out how to handle are cases where the cycleway:right tag needs different values depending on whether the road segment direction is forward or backward.

To give a concrete example. Let’s say I have a forward road segment with a cycleway:right = lane, and at the end of that segment is an intersection. About 100 ft (~30m) from the intersection that cycleway:right becomes a shared_lane since it’s both a bicycle lane and a right turn lane. How do I make it so that the backward representation of the same segment doesn’t also set the cycleway:right = shared_lane, since in that direction it’s not shared but is instead a dedicated bicycle lane?

It’s almost like I want to have a cycleway:forward:right tag that I can set to shared_lane and a cycleway:backward:right tag that I want to keep as lane.

Am I missing some way to handle this?


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