How to handle user who disagrees about changes to a feature

Hi, I would like some feed back about an exchange between me and another user.

So I made changes to feature 1058610526. Specifically, I changed the wikipedia tag to subject:wikipedia because the wikipedia linked to an event in history and not the feature itself. User Tomas Straupis made a complaint essentially stating that the change made the data unparseable claiming that " literally NOBODY (no map, no app) is using subject:wikipedia" the exchange goes back and forth with it essentially making me create this post for community feed back on this situation.

I admit I’m not very active on the forums, but I’ve been mapping on osm for roughly 3 year and my intuition tells me I’m correct. If I’m in error, please tell me.

The full exchange took place in changesets 1058610526 and 139893605

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