How to incorporate Historical Road Names? (rural US)

Hello all,

I issue addresses for my rural county’s 911 emergency call center. I am also charged with fixing compliance errors in mapping for the “next gen” 911 system.

I frequently encounter situations where the official road name is a 4-digit number, but OSM, Google and others will have a name (or possibly the long-outdated 3-digit numbers). That name may or may not be historically accurate, i.e. no one remembers it ever having been called that. I try to go ahead and change the road name, but would like to do so in a way that does not disrupt OSM community procedure.

What is the best way to go about this? As an example, 35.682027, -93.601277 is what is officially known as “County Road 5140”. OSM calls it “Mulberry Ranch”. A caller for emergency services will give an address with “County Road 5140”, and I hope someday everyone from FedEx to our EMS paramedics will be using OSM to navigate that way.

if I update this, what fields do I need to use, and what fields do I need to leave alone?

Thank you!

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