How to install and maintain multiple regions?

I have set up a tile server using the instructions by switch2osm (Manually building a tile server (Ubuntu 22.04) – Switch2OSM and Updating your database as people edit OpenStreetMap – Switch2OSM). Basically I am using osm2pgsql to install the data and osm2pgsql-replication to update it.

For data I have used the Alps region by Geofabrik. Everything worked well but unfortunately they have now resized this region and the new polygon doesn’t match the area I need anymore. I would need to use the Europe region to get everything I need instead but this one is huge so I would prefer combining a number of smaller regions.

However I am unsure how to do this. There are some instructions here (Merging 2 countries with osm2pgsql - OSM Help) but this does not seem to work with updates, does it? Could somebody please list the commands required to a) install n regions and b) update these n regions on one tile server? Is it even possible with osm2pgsql-replication or do I need to go for the hacky approach with pyosmium (Updating your database as people edit OpenStreetMap – Switch2OSM)?

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