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Dear Community,

I am using uMap to study historical maps and spatial aspects of history. Unfortunately it is only possible to have one custom overlay, so I am working with layers and polygons to show more maps of the same region.

Here my umap: Kurpfälzische Akademie der Wissenschaften: Räume der akademischen Geschichtswissenschaften im 18. Jahrhundert - uMap

It would be great if the image in the popup of the polygons could be linked to new tab in which the map could be seen as full image. I found an uMap in which this feature is possible: Sozialraumkarte Farmsen-Berne - uMap and have been wondering how to do this. I already experimented with “Link to…” an “Open link in another window” but than the popup isn’t shown anymore and I need both, the popup with the information and the the image in a new tab.

Has anyone an idea how the user of Sozialraumkarte Farmsen-Berne - uMap have done this?

Thanks in advance!

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