How to map a Disc Golf Course (Proposal)

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In this post, I would like to discuss how to map a Disc Golf Course (DGC). I have given this some thought, and feel like I have a sensible proposal for do’s and dont’s. The goal is to reach some consensus on how to map DGCs, and put that information into the linked OSM wiki entry for Disc Golf. The format is stating how I think it should be, and providing a reasoning after each point (in drop down to facilitate an overview of the proposal).

My proposal, with relevant discussion:

1) Add a node to represent the course, not an area. Tag the node with leisure=disc_golf_course and sport=disc_golf. Place the node at the course map if one is available, and next to the first tee if not.

Reasoning (click for more details)

2) The node should be named in the format “NAME Disc Golf”, where “NAME” should be consistent with the local part of the name of the given course in the UDisc app (if one exists). If there is no UDisc entry for the course, use the name of the local area.

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3) If the tees, holes and baskets are mapped, these should be put into a relation together with the leasure=disc_golf_course node, using a type=site relation. The name of the relation should be identical to the node, with " Park" appended.

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4) If available, add the udisc link as website=, the number of holes as disc_golf:course=, and par for a layout using all holes as disc_golf:par=. Par should be for the most commonly played layout (If unsure, prefer par for a layout that uses all holes exactly once).

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I have now mapped my local DGC in this manner, which may provide a useful point of discussion. I can not yet see it on, but it is added in this changeset.
I have also aligned Egeland Disc Golf Park to this style (see node and site relation)
Take a look, and see if you find it reasonable.

For context, the current results for disc_golf_course are a mess, with a mix of tags:

Important note on automating this task.

From the UDisc webpages, e.g. Øksnevad Frisbeegolfbane - Kleppe, Norway | UDisc Disc Golf Course Directory | UDisc, one can append /map to the url (Øksnevad Frisbeegolfbane - Course Map | UDisc Disc Golf Course Directory) to get an OSM map with the course details overlaid! This means that if someone buildt a tool/bot that scrapes this data and adds it to OSM, all courses can be perfectly mapped, possibly even with the leisure=disc_golf_course at the physical course map/next to tee 1. I believe the UDisc data is used to produce the physical printed maps, meaning that using that data would result in perfect consistency. Perhaps this could/should be done in collaboration with UDisc.

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