How to map a roof shape that is "inverted" gable or round

Some roofs have “inverted” gable or round shapes, potentionally more shapes. Examples:

  1. roofs on train station platforms, e.g. File:Pepsi CenterElitch Gardens.JPG - Wikimedia Commons When I did a picture search for “Bahnsteig”, around 50% of the first 18 pictures were such cases, i.e. it is not that uncommon.
  2. roofs made of plastic sheets that are under tension, e.g.

In Key:roof:shape - OpenStreetMap Wiki I did not find how to map them in a KISS way, but only by slicing one phyisical feature into two OSM features just to tag them. In the forum, I only found the question how to map them ("Neue" Dachform - #18 by Elefant_aus_Wuppertal) but no answer - as I did not want to “hijack” the related thread, I opened a new one :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for suggestions!

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