"How to map" emergency=defibrillator

Based on this discussion emergency=defibrillator I propose to extend this paragraph Tag:emergency=defibrillator - OpenStreetMap Wiki as follows:

Draw a node tagged with emergency=defibrillator as close as possible to the actual location of the defibrillator. If the location is not exactly known (for instance it’s know that a shopping mall has a defibrillator somewhere in the building, but not exactly where), place the node at a location where it is most likely to be (near an entrance or at an information desk, for instance) and add a fixme tag such as fixme=approximate location, needs survey. For higher attention, a Note can also be placed nearby asking for a survey. Do not add emergency=defibrillator to a building, amenity, etc. as this strictly means that the building is a defibrillator. It has been suggested that defibrillator=yes could be added to the building/amenity instead.

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